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Improving sales conversion through UX Strategy & Design

Improving sales conversion through UX Design


Hungry Bark is a new dog food brand launched in 2020. It offers an exciting line of nutritious kibble, supplements for dogs and mix-ins, all available to buy online. All recipes are stuffed with superfoods to boost every dog’s general health.


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The Challenge.

Simply put, despite the fantastic dog food on offer, Hungry Bark was seeing a poor conversion rate. Our team at Userfirst sliced the problem wide open, identifying problem areas that we could optimise later on.

Outdated designs

Although Hungry Bark was a new site launched in 2020, the design was tired and lacking a consistent style across pages.

Long checkout process

Cart abandonment was high due to a checkout process full of steps and a lengthy custom meal plan quiz.

Unclear call-to-actions

Clear CTAs are one of the main components of a strong conversion rate, but some CTAs were missing on key pages of Hungry Bark’s site.

Generally confusing experience

Crucial information about the product and delivery method was missing, and the site as a whole was not very intuitive.

How we optimized the products page to drive conversion.

We held meetings to agree on which parts of the website could be removed on the new platform. The goal of our wireframing stage was to create a new version of Hungry Bark that was simple to navigate.

Interface Design.

We worked very closely with the lovely team at Hungry Bark every step of the way. This was to make sure that we shared the same vision for an effective ecommerce platform.

We also analysed competitor websites to fully understand the scope of what we needed to produce.

Evolution in an online market

Evolution in an online market.

To make progress with an ecommerce platform, you can’t waste time on designs that are not working. At Userfirst, we understand this.

We developed a winning platform for Hungry Bark which blew all of the old website’s UX issues out of the water.

Emphasis was placed on clarity of navigation, prominent CTAs and a swift checkout process


Our new designs helped Hungry Bark to see increased sales, increased conversion rate and increased customer satisfaction.


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