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Growing the company through a modern Mobile Experience


Cash Plus has been operating as a money transfer expert in Morocco for over 12 years. Quickly becoming one of the biggest financial players in the country, it has forged relationships with Western Union, MoneyGram and a host of other money transfer companies. 

It has developed from a simple method of sending and receiving money into a platform which allows customers to pay bills and taxes as well as receive money from outside Morocco.


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The challenge

With its ever-expanding user base and an increasing range of financial services being offered, Cash Plus was beginning to outgrow its initial website. Customers would get frustrated with the outdated designs and Cash Plus came to Userfirst for a modern solution.

Lacking an app

All of Cash Plus’ presence was through its website. In 2019, its customers came to expect to be able to conduct their finances through an app.

No centralised e-wallet

The sign-in process for the website was cumbersome, and different financial tasks had to be carried out in different sections of the site. We could see that users needed a virtual card in the form of an app.

Userfirst solution

In the initial phase, we agreed that Cash Plus customers needed a digital wallet they could access from mobile devices. So, we went ahead and designed an app from scratch.

We began by deciding which aspects of the website would be most crucial to transfer across to the app, before creating an intuitive interface.

Userfirst interface design

We communicated with the team at Cash Plus during all stages of the design phase to ensure we were creating a highly-engaging app in line with their vision.

Competitor analysis was carried out to ensure we included features that customers would come to expect from a personal finance app.

Keeping with the times

As UX designers, we completely understand that it is crucial to keep up with high-converting trends and other design aspects that customers expect to see in an app.

We developed an app that not only looks at home next to other personal finance apps in 2020 and beyond, but complements the Cash Plus website in a way that won’t create user friction when they transition to using the app.

Emphasis was placed on clear CTAs, easily scannable numbers and a separate screen for each function.


Our new mobile platform helped Cash Plus to engage a higher percentage of its user base.


Client satisfaction


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UI Screens created

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